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Low level infra red light laser
       ML830 Cold Laser Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy , also known as Low Level Laser Therapy ( LLLT ), has been known worldwide for over thirty years.  This procedure has been used to quickly stimulate tissue repair, resolve inflammation, and relieve pain.  Cold Laser Therapy is widely used to treat muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, nerve, and dermal and connective tissues in a non invasive modality.  The ML830 Cold Laser is a hand held, non invasive, therapeutic laser.  It produces infrared ( invisible ) laser light at the 830 nm wavelength.  There is no pain involved when receiving this treatment.
There have been no reported side effects to ML 830 Cold Laser treatments.
Who is using Cold Laser Therapy?
The US Olympic training centers in Colorado Springs, Chula Vista, CA., and Lake Placid, N.Y., are using cold lasers.  According to Edward Ryan III, director of Sports Medicine for the US Olympic Training Center, the cold laser has given athletes significant relief from pain and an increase in range of motion. 
Chadwick Smith, clinical professor of orthopedics and bioengineering at the University of Southern California Medical School, is enthusiastic about cold lasers.  "Cold lasers speed the healing process," said Smith, who uses the device in his clinical practice.  "It used to take at least seven to ten days for a hamstring injury to heal.  Cold laser cuts it down to two to three days."
In the week preceding the Super Bowl XXXVIII, Boston based registered nurse Ellen Spicuzza treated more than 10 patriot players with the cold laser therapy for tendon and muscle injuries.  " I don't think [ the improved recoveries were ] a coincidence," Spicuzza said.  " It did help.  I used it ( for example ) on a flared up sciatic nerve.....and a locked up hamstring..., and the players had relief soon after treatment."
How does ML830 Cold Laser Therapy work?                             
Cold Laser Therapy involves the application of low power coherent light to injuries and lesions to repair and strengthen damages cells.  The laser light inserts bio-photons into damaged cells.  When this occurs, the cells begin to produce ATP ( energy.)  The production of ATP expedites cellular function, repair, and division.  It also stimulates the body's immune, lymphatic, and vascular systems.  It also promotes the secretion of endorphins, which helps to relieve pain.  The net result, observed in clinical trials to date, is the reduction of pain, inflammation, edema, and an overall reduction of the time necessary for an injury to heal. 
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           Who is a candidate for ML830 Cold Laser Therapy?
The ML830 Cold Laser is FDA approved for treatment of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and to provide muscle and joint pain relief.
cold laser treatmentThere are over 1200 worldwide studies which have shown 
Cold Laser Therapy to be safe and proven relief for:
Arthritis  Sciatica  Back & Neck Pain Shoulder/Rotator Cuff 
Bursitis   Sprain/Strain  Carpel Tunnel Syndrome  Tendonitis
Tennis Elbow  Knee Pain  TMJPain/dysfunction
Migraines  Trigeminal Neuralgia   Muscle Pain/Spasms   
Trigger Points  Nerve Pain   Whiplash  Fibromyalgia
Is it affordable?
The ML830 Cold Laser is a very affordable treatment. 
When needed, it is included in your 55 or 80 minute treatment.

Note:  Many Insurance companies approve coverage for Cold Laser Treatments.
Please contact Janine to see if you qualify.


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