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Therapeutic Massage
therapeutic massage 
Relax  Restore  Renew

Massage Therapy  improves circulation, joint range-of-motion, and flexibility. It can also reduce and resolve many common ailments such as muscle tightness, aches and pains, and emotional stress - including anxiety and depression.
healing flower essence treatments

Fresh organic herbal linements, fragrant organic essential oil blends with a hint of flower and gem essence elixers are applied throughout the massage to enhance healing and relaxation.   

discover the healing power of sound

There is no place like OHM........ come enjoy the unique experience of a sound healing attuning during your custom wellness experience.  


Choose from a variety of styles:

massage therapy relaxationDeep Tissue Massage: Addresses contracted muscles at a deeper level. Returns muscle fibers back to their original integrity, thereby bringing increased circulation, relaxation, and ease to the body.  Aids in the tissue repair process.

Orthopedic Massage: Specific body work for injuries and pre  and post surgery needs.  Improves recovery process and mobility.

Pre & Post Natal Massage: Wonderful for relieving muscle aches and pains as well as for calming for the mind and enhancing sleep patterns.  Acupressure points also used to address desired weight loss, fatigue, mood fluctuations, urinary incontinence, prolapsed uterus, and hemorrhorides.

reflexology treatmentReflexology Foot Massage: From ancient texts and illustrations, we know that the early Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and Russians worked on the feet to promote good health. Benefits of reflexology on the whole body include improved circulation, deep relaxation, a cleansing of body toxins, an increase in energy, and a balancing of organ and body systems.  

Chi Nei Tsang- abdominal massage: Originated in Thailand, this is a specialized massage that focuses on the abdomen.  It is an extremely beneficial technique for detoxifying the organs and for addressing stomach/neck/back/shoulder/arm/leg pains.  Very effective for treating repetitive stress injuries, migraines, fatigue, tinnitus, indigestion, and constipation. 

Swedish Massage: A relaxing style of massage which is usually combined with other modalities.  Improves the flow of lymph and circulation.

Twenty - five minute massage: $55.00
Fifty - five minute massage: $105.00
Eighty minute massage: $145.00
Fifty  minute combo: massage/acupuncture: $110.00
Eighty minute combo: massage/acupuncture: $155.00 * best value

Note:  Massage modalities may be covered under your health insurance plan.  Please contact Janine to see if you have qualifying coverage.
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